Engaged Documentary – Starcia

An in-depth look at the life of Starcia Ague, a youth from the drug world who struggles to overcome her criminal history, seeking redemption and the chance to become a valued member of Washington society.

Total Runtime: 57 Minutes – Watch


A look at iCivics, a national civics education website, with the WA state coordinators of the program and a middle school student who demonstrates one of the games found on the site, Do I Have a Right.

Total Runtime: 7 Minutes – Watch

WA’s Legislative Branch Module

Learn about Washington State's legislative branch and how it functions, and some key differences between the Washington State Legislature and the U.S. Congress. Grade: 7-12, Runtime: 4:30 Minutes - Watch
Teach With TVW is a free resource for teaching WA civics and government. Teach With TVW features video-based civic ed modules, TVW education programs Capitol Classroom and Engaged, "gavel-to-gavel" education events, and more.

Civic Ed Modules

Teach With TVW Civic Ed Modules are video-based lessons designed to teach key aspects of Washington State civics and government.

Capitol Classroom

Capitol Classroom is TVW's experiential education program that lets students participate directly in the legislative process at the State Capitol via TVW video connection.


Engaged: Students Becoming Citizens is TVW's ongoing documentary series, showing students across Washington State learning about and participating in civics and government.