Washington’s Lieutenant Governor Module

What are the roles and responsibilities of Washington's Lieutenant Governor? Learn about this statewide elected office with WA Lt. Governor Brad Owen.

Runtime: 3 minutes Watch

Capitol Classroom: Students Create Their Own Bills

During the 2016 session of the Washington State Legislature, students from Lake Washington High School participate in TVW’s Capitol Classroom program and testify in Olympia on two bills they created, both aimed at reducing the costs of college admission tests.

Runtime: 6 minutes Watch

TVW Engaged Documentary – Mariachi Huenachi

Students in Wenatchee High School’s Mariachi Huenachi program confront the challenges of poverty, legal status and societal expectations as they strive for better lives for themselves and their families.

Runtime: 25 Minutes – Watch

WA Capitol Press Corps Module

Current statehouse reporter Austin Jenkins and former reporter David Ammons discuss the history of the WA capitol press corps, the duties of a statehouse reporter, and the need for robust reporting in Olympia. Grade: 7-12, Runtime: 13 Minutes - Watch

Isidore Starr: Leading a Revolution in Civics

This short documentary explores the career and teachings of Dr. Isidore Starr, from his start as a teacher in 1930’s Brooklyn New York, to becoming internationally recognized as “the father of law-related education.”

Runtime: 16:30 Minutes – Watch

Teach With TVW trains the next generation of Washington State citizens with hands-on civic ed programs and engaging video.

Teach With TVW Modules

Teach With TVW Modules
Teach With TVW Modules are video-based lessons designed to teach key aspects of Washington State civics and government.

Capitol Classroom

Capitol Classroom
In our experiential education program Capitol Classroom, students participate directly in the legislative process via TVW video connection.


Engaged is TVW's Emmy-winning documentary series, showing Washington State youth engaged in civic life.