What is Capitol Classroom?

Capitol Classroom is a new education program that lets students participate directly in the legislative process at the State Capitol via TVW video connection. With Capitol Classroom, students and teachers work closely with lobbyists in Olympia to choose a piece of legislation to support or oppose. Then, through video connections with TVW's studio in Olympia, students communicate directly with the lobbyists who testify on their behalf during committee hearings for the legislation they have chosen. They also hear from bill sponsors, proponents and opponents of the legislation, and local legislators. The goal of Capitol Classroom is to provide a rich and immersive learning experience by investing students in the legislative process and connecting them directly with professionals in Olympia.

   CityClub Youth Civic Education Awards Winner

Learn more about Capitol Classroom:

Watch the full Engaged: Students Becoming Citizens episode on Capitol Classroom.

Support for Capitol Classroom provided by:


Additional funding provided by Puget Sound Energy, State Farm Insurance, the Henry M. Jackson Foundation, the Squaxin Island Tribe One Percent Commission, and the Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation.

Who is participating in Capitol Classroom?

For previous years, visit the Archived School Pages link.

2014 Program

What technology does my classroom need to participate?

Classrooms need internet access and an LCD projector or Smartboard to participate in Capitol Classroom. TVW provides video units (Mac Mini computer with web camera, keyboard and mouse) for each classroom during the program.

What does my class need to know about the legislative process?

Watch the Teach With TVW Civic Ed Modules and visit the Legislative Information page for an overview of the legislative process and to find out how to read a bill, how to contact your legislator, what a lobbyist is, what a fiscal note is, and more.

How do we join Capitol Classroom, or find out more?

If you are interesting in participating in Capitol Classroom in the future, or want more information about the program, please sent an email to teachwithtvw@tvw.org.

What are people saying about Capitol Classroom?

"The legislature is an extremely confusing and frustrating place when you don't know what's going on. A program like this would be of tremendous benefit to citizens who want to understand how issues go from being simple ideas to the law of the land."
--Senator Craig Pridemore
Washington State Legislature

"Being involved in the legislative process is a great civics lesson for students. Capitol Classroom is a program I'm excited about and one in which I'm happy to participate."
--Senator Linda Evans Parlette
Washington State Legislature

"Democracy depends on an involved and engaged citizenry. We must find ways to interest the next generation in the process. I can't wait to advocate a class's point of view to the legislature."
--Vicki Christophersen
WRRA Lobbyist

"The concept of Capitol Classroom is clearly bringing the legislative process alive from my student clients. They are thoroughly researching our issue before the Legislature, and thanks to TVW, will be active participants in the debate that surrounds the bill."
--Denny Eliason
Alliances Northwest Lobbyist

"Capitol Classroom will be an exciting way to help students understand the legislative process and to inspire them to become active, engaged citizens."
--Patti McMaster, M.Ed
Evergreen High School

"As a civics teacher, I'm always looking for better ways to educate and involve my students. I'm looking forward to introducing Capitol Classroom next semester."
--Scott Benner Dept. Head, Teacher--Social Studies
Wenatchee High School

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