Engaged: Students Becoming Citizens

Engaged: Students Becoming Citizens is TVW's ongoing documentary series, showing students across Washington state learning about and participating in civics and government.

The series won a Northwest Regional Emmy Award in 2014 for the documentary "Starcia." Engaged was also nominated for Emmy Awards in 2009 and 2012. It is co-produced by Jason Gutz, Special Projects Manager, and David Johnson, Director of Education Resources.

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Destination Graduation

Students from New Horizons High School, an alternative school in Pasco, WA, discuss the barriers to graduation and their efforts to overcome them.

Total Runtime: 8 Minutes
Engaged Documentary - Starcia

An in-depth look at the life of Starcia Ague, a youth from the drug world who struggles to overcome her criminal history, seeking redemption and the chance to become a valued member of Washington society.

Total Runtime: 57 Minutes

A look at iCivics, a national civics education website, with the WA state coordinators of the program and a middle school student who demonstrates one of the games found on the site, Do I Have a Right.

Total Runtime: 7 Minutes
Capitol Classroom

Students from Evergreen High School and Wenatchee High School work with lobbyists in Olympia to follow legislation during the 2011 Legislative Session as part of new civic education program from TVW, Capitol Classroom.

Total Runtime: 14 Minutes
An Inside Look at Engaged

State officials and education experts discuss the Emmy-nominated documentary series Engaged - Students Becoming Citizens. They describe how the series is put together and the benefits of showing student involvement in civic affairs.

Total Runtime: 4 Minutes
YMCA Mock Trial State Competition

Students from across Washington State participate in the three-day YMCA Mock Trial State Competition in Olympia. They discuss why they chose to compete, how the program works, and what they learned about the law while participating in the program.

Total Runtime: 14 Minutes
Student Mock Election

Students/teachers from Serene Lake Elementary in Edmonds and First Creek Middle School in Tacoma participate in the "Mock Election," a free, web-based voting system for K-12 students sponsored by the Washington Secretary of State's Office.

Total Runtime: 12 Minutes
Youth Ambassadors of Seattle

A diverse group of youth from the Seattle area come together to address community problems, including youth violence.

Total Runtime: 29 Minutes
LYAC Action Day

During the 2009 Session, the Legislative Youth Advisory Council (LYAC) joined forces w/youth from across the state to advise the Legislature on issues important to youth. Priorities included support for at-risk students and continuation of LYAC itself.

Total Runtime: 38 Minutes
Students Offering Support

Members of the Students Offering Support group from Crescent School in Joyce, WA deliver a youth suicide prevention presentation and discuss how the group formed in the wake of a suicide at their school.

Total Runtime: 29 Minutes
WA Secretary of State College Civics Week

Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed visits the campus of Seattle Pacific University and encourages students to find one thing they can do for their communities.

Total Runtime: 9 Minutes
Clallam County Teen Court

Youth from Port Angeles, WA and surrounding areas participate in the Clallam County Teen Court program, deciding the sentence for a youth who prank-called a suicide hotline.

Total Runtime: 17 Minutes
We the People State Finals

Students from Evergreen High School, Gig Harbor High School, Lynden High School and Tahoma High School compete in the 2008 We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution State Finals in Olympia, WA.

Total Runtime: 23 Minutes
2008 YMCA Youth Legislature

A behind-the-scenes look at student legislators in action at the 2008 YMCA Youth Legislature.

Total Runtime: 14 Minutes
Ralph Munro Institute - WWU Campus, Bellingham

Teachers at the Ralph Munro Institute at Western Washington University in Bellingham discuss ways to inspire students in civics and government.

Total Runtime: 12 Minutes
World Affairs Council - Global Youth Leadership Institute

Students discuss global issues such as terrorism and free trade at the World Affairs Council Global Youth Leadership Institute in Seattle.

Total Runtime: 10 Minutes
Legislative Youth Advisory Council (LYAC) Meeting in Olympia

Students participating in LYAC discuss issues important to them, and decide which ones they will support during the upcoming Legislative Session.

Total Runtime: 14 Minutes
Project Citizen WA State Showcase

Judges, including state officials, evaluate projects from Shahala Middle School and Touchet School students at the Project Citizen State Showcase in Olympia, WA.

Total Runtime: 11 Minutes
C-SPAN Campaign Bus visits the WA State Capitol campus and Olympia High School

Students visiting the Washington State Capitol and at Olympia High School discuss media literacy and why the 2008 elections are important to them during visits to the C-SPAN Campaign Bus.

Total Runtime: 11 Minutes
Touchet School - Project Citizen

Middle school students at Touchet School in Touchet, WA participate in Project Citizen, a national civics education program, and propose ways to make a local traffic intersection safer.

Total Runtime: 10 Minutes
Shahala Middle School - Project Citizen

Students at Shahala Middle School in Vancouver, WA participate in Project Citizen, a national civics education program, and propose changes to their school's vending machines.

Total Runtime: 11 Minutes
Tahoma High School - Choosing a President

Students at Tahoma High School discuss the 2008 presidential election.

Total Runtime: 8 Minutes

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